Puerto Rico's First Lady of Graff

Zori4 (Crews: KD, OBW, MI, TDS) is a true mistress of the graffiti language. Hailing from the warm tropical island of Puerto Rico, with its colorful sunsets and reggaeton riddums, the island has secretly influenced the New York hip-hop scene since the birth. Zori4 is like no other born-and-bred Puerto Rican first lady; she reigns with original styles that move on the wall and into your mind. She is extremely polite and sweet with a brilliant sense of humor, progressing the standards of the “female graffiti writer” through superior can control.

Zori and I first met after she won the 2002 Pro Am’s Black Book competition in Miami. We wrote back and forth for two years until finally meeting up again in New York to paint at the Harlem graffiti hall of fame in 2004. Afterward she flew to Paris to be part of the Kosmopolite Festival, which gave tribute to female graffiti writers.

After years of dedication and accomplishment (and a long list of press from her graffiti career), she is a sculptor, an honor student and a graphic designer. She reflects on her struggles, stating, “In the beginning it was hard because I was introducing myself into a man’s world, like a girl trying to enter the NBA. They didn’t think I was going to last in graffiti, but I survived.”

Zori’s focus is strictly piecing, which is a term for a graffiti writer whose only focus is on the lettering. She admits, “I honestly don’t paint characters because I want to focus on the pieces. For me, letters are the more important point in graffiti and the characters are the complimentary element. A graffiti wall can be a graffiti wall without characters but not without letters.”

Always with wise words, she encourages originality. “I want to make my pieces strong and to show the feelings I have, to express how I am. To be stable, stylish, with the hidden strength and power our feminine intuition has – our fury inside, the red and fire.”

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