Dope personal hip-hop moments

(Yes I Still use words like dope)

Omi’s note: this particular post is dedicated to those who think that hip hop is dead. It isn’t. I have the wonderful opportunity to witness dope instances where I have witnessed hip hop at it’s finest. Pretty much, we can either sit there and complain about it or go out there and do something.

  1. While taking the bus the other day, a young boy about 4 years old was walking with his mother. He looked familiar but I could not recall where I met him. All of a sudden he spotted me and yelled Zuluuuuuuuuuuuuu! Man, I was ecstatic. Yet I still could not figure out where he knew our Zulu chant.

  2. My hombre Nas Dawud’s daughter singing the hook to Looking for the Perfect Beat. She is only 2 years old.

  3. B-boy Alcee’s son is a little rambunctious. I was hosting a show and he kept

    getting on the mic to make noise. People tried to stop him but I urged them to let him go. I had him co host the show with me. It was dope. He kept getting on the mic yelling Chicken! So we dubbed him B-boy chicken.

  4. When I got on stage with Derek 32zero to sing the hook to one of his songs. The crowd went bananas. This happened at a show we had at ODU. Heads were open.

  5. Watching the Roots perform with my best friend/brother from another mother Billie Wheelz. The Roots killed it again. I know Wheelz and I have seen the Roots rock together mad times but this time was just classic.

  6. During the B-boy battle on Saturday, b-boys Al Cee and Link got up to do a routine. My daughter leaned over to me and said, not another routine!

  7. In February, during the Meen tribute, all the b-boys from The League of Extraordinary Breakers, Boondock Saints, B.O.C.A., Zulu, and all other non crews got up and did a dope uprock scene. It was like 40 b-boys ranging from 14 to 33!

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